Stop hoping your company culture will take care of itself

Dino helps you unlock thoughtful feedback, learn more about each other and showcase your team to the world.
Dino is based on a simple idea...
Great teams are built around open, honest conversations!
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How does it work?
Dino kindles conversations in your team by asking friendly, thoughtful questions.
Responses to these questions, along with discussions sparked by the responses, are great at unconvering insights into your team.
Dino's slack bot captures great moments across your public channels in one place.
The resulting stream of photos, wins, and hilarious banter is wonderful at bringing people closer - whether they're across functions, departments, or offices
Dino also creates a public webpage where you can share select moments from your team with the world.
These moments are a great way of sharing an authentic picture of your team, and attract like-minded people to work with you. Check out an example.
Instead of...
With dino you will have...
Wondering what's unspoken, but lingering, in people's heads
A welcome place where everyone feels confident to speak their minds, and be heard.
Silos of people and information
A common ground where everyone is a little closer, whether they are new or across offices
Making company decisions purely based on intuition, and opinions of a select few
More informed decisions based on ground realities - whether they're related to customers, business, policy, or hiring
Dry marketing-speak in your career pages and job descriptions
An opportunity to open-source how your team works to the world

Find how our slack bot captures your team culture

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Frequently asked questions
Is dino for me?
Responses to these questions, along with discussions sparked by the responses, are great at unconvering insights into your team.
Is this another social network?
It is more like an open source project by your team. Everyone in your team contributes little pieces, and together they create a picture of how you work.
How will people outside my team discover our dino page?
Dino can connect to your existing twitter or facebook account, and auto-share your moments there. Apart from that, many teams link to their dino page on their website, or in email signatures.
What's in the name?
You know how hard it is to find a good .com domain these days. We could not, and that's why our first name was dinofido. It stood for did not find domain. Later, we made it shorter, to just dino
Where are we based?
We are a small team based across San Francisco and Bangalore.
739 Bryant Street # 206
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States
246, 17th Cross Road,
Sector 4, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560102
Want to reach us?
We'd love to hear from you - whether its for questions, suggestions, or just to say hello! Just write in at:

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