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Find how our slack bot captures your team culture

What exactly does dino do?

Dino is a fun way to ‚Äčlog interesting moments at work - sort of like a work journal. It captures awesome moments from your team chat, and gathers them into a live feed of photos, wins, and hilarious banter. Check out how a team feed looks.

How does it work?

How is this different from my team's careers page?

Your careers page is a snapshot - a point-in-time picture of your team culture. At best, it is a stale representation of how your team works.

Dino captures a living, breathing and constantly evolving picture of your team. It has authentic, everyday stories, told by real people.

But I already have 'x' for my team
{ x = engg. blog / twitter / facebook / instagram }

The hardest part about showcasing your team is to get everyone to participate. Often, this becomes the responsibility of a single person (or a select few) who take photos, encourage others to blog, etc. This is tedious, painstaking, and often forgotten after an initial effort.

With dino, no one has to *remember* to share. It integrates with your team chat, and bubbles shareworthy moments to your team members automatically.

Frequently asked questions

♦ Is dino for me?
Dino currently works for teams using Slack. It works best if your team is active on Slack, and has at least 10 people.

Most importantly, it is for teams that are committed to building a great culture, and attracting like-minded people.
♦ Is this another social network?

It is more like an open source project by your team. Everyone in your team contributes little pieces, and together they create a picture of how you work.
♦ How will people outside my team discover our dino page?
Dino can connect to your existing twitter or facebook account, and auto-share your moments there. Apart from that, many teams link to their dino page on their website, or in email signatures.
♦ Why the name dino?
You know how hard it is to find a good .com domain. We could not. Which is how we arrived at the first name for our app - dino. It stands for did not find domain. Let we just it shorter, to just dino
♦ How much does this cost?
Dino is free for individual use. For teams, pricing starts at $5 per person per month. We are giving discounts to those signing up early.


We made dino because we believe hiring ought to work better - both, for teams as well as the people they hope to attract.

Asking people to apply for job with your team is asking them to change their life. The desperate will apply liberally, but the best will only take that leap if they see a bit of themselves in your team. Unfortunately, all we give them are flashy careers pages and opaque job descriptions.

The best people want to understand who you are. Dino is built to help with that.

We are a small team across San Francisco and Bangalore obsessed with making this happen. We'd love to hear from you - whether its questions, suggestions, or just a hello! Just write in at hello@dino.xyz or tweet to @dino_app