Raghuveer gave a kudos to Anant and Akhil

Awesome game by @akhil and @anantpal under pressure in the recent TT tournament. They turned the tables around and eventually played a tournament winning game after an initial set back! Great job guys.

Karthik Vempy

Kudos to @kundankumar for organizing a highly riveting TT tournament.

And congrats to the winners - @nagarjun @roopendratalekar @gauravkumar @girish and @raghu.

Runners up - @sanjukta @anantpal @akhil @hanu and @gauthamseshadri. Better luck next time!

The TT fever has just begun. 🙂

Vinod gave a kudos to Anant, Anenth, Bhargav, Gaurav, Kundan and others

@anantpal @uttamkini @anenth @akhil @gauravkumar @vasu @viky @kundankumar @bhargavvoleti @vedarth Pulling off a high quality major redesign release with ease.

Vinod gave a kudos to Gaurav, Navaneeth, Vasu and Akhil

@gauravkumar @vasu @navaneethr @akhil Brought the bug count down to 4 last weekend from 20's even though there was a steady influx of bugs every day.


Sushant trying to achieve escape velocity


The most important step of moving to a new office is the palwall migration

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