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Learning to Not Feel Guilty

About 2 weeks ago I started feeling something weird in my hand and mentioned it to my Happiness Team, just during a casual conversation. They urged me to see a doctor ASAP and to take time off if I could get an appointment.

But I didn't. _Because I felt guilty having just taken 2 vacation days off earlier in the month. _So instead, I went to an Urgent Care Center after work hours.

Over this past weekend, I ended up back in Urgent Care where the doctor told me to take a day off work and prescribed some pain medication.

I thought to myself, "How can I avoid actually taking time a day off? Maybe I can just handle tickets, but not chat since I'd have to type very slow..."

But WHY was this even a question I asked myself? Why did I feel this way? I wasn't going to be very useful at work with a bum arm. Why couldn't I just let myself rest?

At Recruiterbox, I have a team that has my back, cares about me, and realizes that I'm not a robot. I will get sick. I will need vacations. I will have last-minute emergencies. I've never shown signs of taking advantage of my team, so where does the fear that they think that I would come from?

Monday was a big stepping stone for me in learning to not feel guilty about caring about myself as much as others do. I still need to keep working at it, but I'll get there thanks to my team :)

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Slack for iOS Upload

For all the Game of Thrones fans here, this is a cake I ate over the weekend ⚔

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Today we got feedback from a brand new customer who commended us on our customer support on day one of their account, rather than complaining that they encountered an error on day one.

The truth is: Customers are going to run into issues. They're going to have questions. They're not going to know everything about an app on day one. We shouldn't be afraid of this, but instead, embrace it and let support shine!

At my last job people would ask me, "Well how are you better than [insert some competitor here]?” and I’d say, “To be honest, we might not be. There’s only so many features an app likes ours can have, which all the other apps might have too. So when testing us out, ask yourself this:

  1. How fast can I accomplish what I set out to accomplish? Does the app make this easy? Does it make sense?
  2. If it doesn’t make sense, how fast can I get help? Is it from a human? Is that human actually helpful?"

I'm glad that this customer (and so many of our customers) see the value of support when it comes to choosing an app! :)

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Had a great coffee chat with @ashwin! These coffee chats are so special. Thanks to everyone for making time to do them amidst all our work, especially when it comes to coordinating time zones. I know I’ve started early to get on a chat, and those in India have stayed a little later in the office to accommodate me. ❤

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