Vinod gave a kudos to Anant, Anenth, Bhargav, Gaurav, Kundan and others

@anantpal @uttamkini @anenth @akhil @gauravkumar @vasu @viky @kundankumar @bhargavvoleti @vedarth Pulling off a high quality major redesign release with ease.

Anant Pal

Kudos to @bhargavvoleti for implementing both performance dashboard and user list pagination in couple of days. dino_kudos

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What's one thing you'd like to see us continue doing at Recruiterbox?

To always keep looking to improve. It may be the people, the systems, the processes. We are open to feedback and look to improve as much as possible.

Chelsea Stroh

Kudos to @annette @dylan and @anantpal @vedarth and @bhargavvoleti for rocking a rough downtime today. You are all awesome!!!!!!!! dino_kudos

Bhargav gave a kudos to Anant

Kudos to @anantpal for consistently planning out performance changes.

Anant Pal

Kudos to @bhargavvoleti for writing a robust script to merge accounts. dino_kudos

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In your opinion, what is our greatest success in the last 6 months at Recruiterbox?

For me the biggest success would be the new team structure. Having focused teams own a part of the functionality of the application lead to them releasing major features such as the new Roles and Permissions changes and the improved interview scheduling features.

Having such teams not only enables us to build bigger features, it also helps with the lifetime of the feature. If an issue comes in or there is a minor request to improve something, the team can get right on it because they wouldn't have lost context on it. This streamlines the overall application because the features themselves are now more cohesive.

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