Kudos to @roopendratalekar and @gauravkumar for getting the new design of Opening Details page out with such a great finish! dino_kudos

Karthik Vempy

Kudos to @kundankumar for organizing a highly riveting TT tournament.

And congrats to the winners - @nagarjun @roopendratalekar @gauravkumar @girish and @raghu.

Runners up - @sanjukta @anantpal @akhil @hanu and @gauthamseshadri. Better luck next time!

The TT fever has just begun. 🙂

Vinod gave a kudos to Anant, Anenth, Bhargav, Gaurav, Kundan and others

@anantpal @uttamkini @anenth @akhil @gauravkumar @vasu @viky @kundankumar @bhargavvoleti @vedarth Pulling off a high quality major redesign release with ease.

Vinod gave a kudos to Gaurav, Navaneeth, Vasu and Akhil

@gauravkumar @vasu @navaneethr @akhil Brought the bug count down to 4 last weekend from 20's even though there was a steady influx of bugs every day.


Kudos to @gauravkumar for driving the calendar invite issues fix and bringing it to a closure. This was a very tricky issue to track and involved a lot of back and forth with the customers. He took the initiative to setup call with one of the customers and went through each flow in great detail.

Gaurav Kumar

Cheta trying to make UI PIXEL perfect

Gaurav Kumar

Slack for iOS Upload

Gaurav Kumar

Slack for iOS Upload

Happy b'day daade 😊

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