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What do you do at Recruiterbox?
How long have you been working at Recruiterbox?
What excites you the most about working at Recruiterbox?
What tools do you use on a daily basis to get your work done?
What is your typical day at Recruiterbox like?
Lets talk something outside of work! What do you do for fun? What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
What is the favourite book you ever read / favourite vacation spot / favourite movie / favourite sport? (Any other favourites will also do)
Karthik gave a kudos to Anant

@anantpal for enabling us to track feature usage for each customer (Compass). Not only would it be immensely useful for Happiness/Success, it would go a long way in understanding the impact of each issue/feature request.

Karthik Vempy

Kudos to @kundankumar for organizing a highly riveting TT tournament.

And congrats to the winners - @nagarjun @roopendratalekar @gauravkumar @girish and @raghu.

Runners up - @sanjukta @anantpal @akhil @hanu and @gauthamseshadri. Better luck next time!

The TT fever has just begun. 🙂

Karthik Vempy

Kudos to @chelseastroh for ideating, planning and executing the initiative of gathering feedback on the Happiness teams’ responses to tickets. You guys rock already, and initiatives such as this will only make us even better! dino_kudos

CC: Justiceleague

Karthik Vempy

Josh's magic closet

He’s moving out of his house in about a week. Thought we should all have a picture of him in his dear closet 🙂

Karthik gave a kudos to Prakash

On behalf of Nitesh bhaiyya - kudos to @prakash1 for quickly taking care of fixing the exhaust in the kitchen. It's much more bearable in the kitchen now.

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Is there anyone at the company you wish you could apprentice under for a few weeks?

Chelsea - for her discipline and conscientiousness.

Girish - for how he (seems to) put aside all emotion and sense of self during decision making.

Karthik Vempy

@adrian and @nivedha - Great news! We’ve officially crossed 100 engaged customers with the Success Programme. Kudos guys. We’ve come a long way in a short time. dino_kudos

Onward to making more of our customers Raving Fans of Recruiterbox.

Karthik Vempy

Kudos to @rajeshthiagarajan and @anantpal for stepping in and helping with three tricky customer problems. dino_kudos

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Is there a company or product that inspired you recently? Why?

Not exactly recent, but I am inspired by the story of WhatsApp. A small group of people creating a product used globally and becoming the de-facto communication tool across devices. It wouldn't be amiss to say that they changed how people communicate globally.

And at the time of their product being valued at $19 Billion, their team was just 50-odd people.

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