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Champions team :-D

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When the session is this interesting, you can't sit close enough to the teacher 😂

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What is one quality you see in a team member that you’d like to cultivate in your own habits and actions ?

Aashiq and Vempy for their diligence and discipline in getting things done. I'd like to think of myself as disciplined too but have my off days :P

Nivedita Kannan

It’s not often you come across a company that says they put their employees first and you actually get to witness that. Most times, it’s just words or fluff or an advertisement for the company. Not to discredit other companies or their attempts to become an employee centric unit but the extent of what this means hit me only when I joined Recruiterbox. On day 1, I was asked to forget the MBA theories, processes, policies and other HR jargon at the door. I was used to nothing else so this was my biggest challenge and I embraced it. I was told to think of each activity as – _What problem is this going to solve? _If the answer is that it is not a solution to any existing problem, there was no need to do it at that point in time. Unless it is a statutory ask or a labor department requisite, it can wait till it serves as a solution to a problem.

Even when we did come up with activities to roll out – we did so with the buy in of our teams. Each idea is posed in front of our teams and we discuss. What people like about it, what could be done better, any other ideas or suggestions that they have – are all taken into consideration and unless it is something almost everyone is comfortable with, it is not launched. This makes my life as Manager of People Operations much easier. I don’t have to stress additionally about how to keep my people happy. When each thing we do is decided by them or they are, at least, aware of** why **this is happening, the buy in is greater and the happier they are.

Everyone likes validation and there is no bigger validation of how important they are to our success story. We have frequent catchups, open dialogues and ample opportunities where people share without hesitance or restraint. That’s our company culture and the one thing I would never want to change. The insights that come out of these chats are more revealing and pave the way for People Operations as a function as well. Doing this has been the secret.

It’s been a year for me here and the team’s mood and energy is just as it was when I joined. The secret was to treat everyone the way you would your family. No vacation is decided without everyone’s consent. Similarly, no decision is made “for anyone else” in Recruiterbox. We’re a family and as corny or clichéd as it may sound, it is true. The excitement is infectious and the jovial camaraderie is what makes me super happy to be a part of this fold. Almost a year since I joined and I couldn’t be more eager to come to work every day!

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Is there something we haven't done in a while that we should bring back?

Circle time! That's on me though :D will get it started soon. Also - the ergonomics exercises that Cheta conducted once :)

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