Girish R

The Faucet

I was in Chennai, prepared for my interview, dressed in my formal best. The interview was scheduled at a hotel, about a 30-45 min ride from my college. I started about an hour and a half from the scheduled time.

Unknown to me, a large political rally was called that day. My auto was stuck in traffic, and I realized that I would not make it in time. I didn't have anyone to reach to, but fortunately, someone from the interviewing party called me. I apologized profusely. I was feeling terribly guilty and nervous by the time I reached the hotel - a good fifteen minutes late.

It turned out that my first interview was with the Managing Director and Partner of the company. I was rushed to the interview room (which happened to be the room he was staying in). He was a big man, with a gentle smiling face. I apologised to him again. He waved his hand suggesting it was alright. At this point, I realized that I needed to pee badly.

I took the risk of sounding even more insolent, and asked if I could quickly use his loo. He agreed, and I finished my business quickly. As I hurriedly turned to wash my hands, I saw an elegant looking but inscrutable faucet at the wash basin. I was determined to be quick, so I pulled and pushed and moved the thing around until it yielded water. One of the orientations did yield water, but so forcefully that it splashed off the basin, and now I had a wet shirt.

I come out of the loo, embarrassed. My interviewer asked incredulously: what happened in there? I assured him it was water. He was kind - even offered me a fresh shirt if I'd like.

At this point, I assumed I wasn't getting the job. Perhaps, that calmed me. Long story short, I ended up having a great chat with the guy, and the next couple of guys. I landed the job. Like I mentioned before, it was at this job that Raghu happened to sit in the next cubicle to mine, and the rest, as they say, is history

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