Sushant Gupta

I wake up at 8 or so. Talk to my sister. Get ready for office while gossiping with my roomie for an hour. Rush to office. Eat breakfast. Go through the tasks I have to get done for the day.

List them on a paper and breakdown by time. Work for an hour or so. Lunch time, read something which interests me or stand in lunch time convos. Again back to work. Then probably go for a walk with anyone who is interested for coffee or anything. Back to work and try to wrap up before I go for badminton. After badminton, we have our dinner. Then take a quick standup / marketing call if any. Try to think of what to do for next day. Rush to home. Talk to parents and friends. Before sleep I work on small personal projects, lectures or tv series. SLEEP at 2 or so!

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