A day inside Recruiterbox

We make hiring simple, we make people's lives easier by doing so with the whole hearted effort of a handful of ecstatic minions at work throughout the clock. But what goes on inside Rbox ? What makes our team the A-Team at what we do ? Let's take a walk through my simple words to find out.

Find your way bustling through rush hour traffic to our humble office space, nestled away in a quieter area, with a good two storey climb to warm you up for a happening day. The morning look inside Rbox is quite different than other times. You don't see people settling in their cosy little workspace prepared to code away all day.

There is the guy who is always there. He's there when you enter, he's there when you leave, but you know he is enjoying himself when you see the constant energy he's always got. There is this person who just cannot be in one place, waltzing around engaging people in his conversations, often getting people to laugh. There's the one fellow who is the topic of conversation for any hour, be it the morning, afternoon, or evening. People just can't get enough of him. Diverse environment, united by the common interest of making the awesome.

You settle in, get your laptop set up and catch up on things that went on while you were away, overseas updates and stuff, while sipping on a hot glass of chai, thanks to our round the clock chef who manages to constantly keep the whole lot well fed. After a quick stand up with your co-coders, you quickly start up your engines and get those pistons firing, going at a good pace from all the ideas which come from around you. Inspiration is something which is abundant when you look around. For once, you are not scared that you have a lot to learn. Instead, you look forward to it.

'Ask, and you shall be given' becomes an understatement when you see how helpful everybody around you is, making you long for the time you would get a chance to do the same to someone. Just holler and your team will be there to make sure you get what you need to go ahead with your ideas. Learning is something you get involuntarily in this surrounding. Not a day goes by without hearing something interesting or learning something cool.

You'll get a wind of nostalgia of your old school/college days when you gather around for lunch, indulging yourself in the amazing work of our chef Gusteau, chatting about daily events, eventually ending up in pulling each other's legs. Something is terribly wrong if you don't hear laughter every 5 minutes.

Working as one, you'll be given plenty of chances to contribute ideas, improvise or even enable ideas on others, with no effort at all. You'll feel surprised at yourself for not feeling the usual post-lunch drowsiness every working lad has. It just cannot happen when you are in the midst of such a lively workforce. Enough of that now right ?

What do we do for fun you ask ? Have you seen siblings play pranks on each other playfully ? Well, we kind of take it more seriously and NOT playing along is a punishable offense. Sports, for us is as important as solving critical production issues, so we constantly make sure we get to play as much as we work. Evenings you'll find our very own Chetan Anand and Aditya Joshi gearing up for a game of badmitton. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy remember ?

You feel satisfied with the productive day that is you've had, pack your bags and just as you leave, some interesting conversation or the other holds you down, until its really time to go if you want to beat that traffic. All said and done, when you look back at those people, making everything seem so simple, you just know that you are in the right place.

Come, lets build the awesome !

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