Chelsea Stroh

"Because We're Always Here"

When Grammy Stroh was admitted to a nursing home following a stroke, the nurses took care when they checked her in to teach her how to click the call bell on the side of her bed.

"Any time you need us, just click this bell, and we will always answer" they told her.

The next morning we went back to check on Grammy, and the nurses reported she'd had a great night, but she had pushed the call bell over a dozen times. Each time, they'd answered, asking if she was okay, and she had said "I was just making sure someone was still there..." (In her adorable, post-stroke old lady voice).

We laughed at this story, and told the nurses they could feel free to not answer if they were sure she was okay - as we were certain it was getting annoying, and wanted little Grammy to make a good first impression.

"No, we'll always answer, every single time" the nurses stated. "Because we are always** here" **

**Whenever our customers write in to us we always close the loop with them. **

Frequently this means they say "Awesome! That worked" and we say "We're so glad, feel free to write to us at any time"...

**Of course, we could have always closed the ticket at their reply of "Awesome! That worked" - because we knew their problem was solved. But letting them know we read their reply, and that they are welcome to reach out to us at any time is important. **

Because we're always here**. **

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