Rajesh Thiagarajan

"I don't like Idlis" - Titli

"But why? They are good. Try with Sambar. They will taste good" - Rajesh

"No. It is yuckyy." - Titli

"Why?" - Rajesh

There are narratives in our head.

Idli is good. It is healthy. It is easy to make.

There are narratives in their head.

Idli is yuck.

There are more narratives in our head.

This place is awesome to work.

The product is useful.

Writing code in a certain way is important.


It does not matter what our narrative is.

You cannot alter the other's narrative by asking

"Why?" "What?"

The decisions of

Where to work?

What product to buy?

How to write code?

are based on their narratives.

They are as valid as yours.

Make your narrative strong.

So strong that they feel that it is their narrative.

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