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School day 1

Rajesh Thiagarajan

kudos to Justiceleague - In all my calls with customers I hear, only praise about the speed and quality of our happiness team.

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From idea to roll out < 24 hrs included idea (@hanu), design (@viky), dev (@anenth) - Kudos guys. It sets a high bar : looks like we can give dino team run for money. Wishing more of these to happen.

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Is there anyone at the company you wish you could apprentice under for a few weeks?

Girish - To learn about aligning ground realities with vision.
Pal - Some tech chops and tools.

Rajesh Thiagarajan

We talk about empathy a lot.

Empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We talk about empathy for colleagues. We talk about empathy for customers.

But empathy is hard.
Sometime we just forget.

I find it useful to use the following simple rules when I work and commit a work.

  1. Understand how your work affects others directly.
  2. Understand how your work affects others indirectly.

You are not prepared with a pipeline of work for the engineers - Rahul has to cancel his vacation that he had planned 6 months back to ensure that the feature ships on time. Seth has to be ok with a suboptimal interaction for the user because there is less time to enhance the design.

You write buggy code - Smith in ops will be woken up with alarms. He has a 5 year old who wakes up at slight noise and take 3 hours to go back to sleep. Cathy will not be able to create the report that she has to submit to her director. She will have to skip her son’s game so that she can prepare it manually.

Just remember Rahul/Seth/Smith/Cathy when you work.

Karthik Vempy

Kudos to @rajeshthiagarajan and @anantpal for stepping in and helping with three tricky customer problems. dino_kudos

Rajesh Thiagarajan

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Love this - Cool work @chelseastroh

Karthik gave a kudos to Gautham, Rajesh, Nivedita and Aashiq

@nivedita and @aashiq for hosting one helluva party last week!

@gauthamseshadri for helping with a bunch of product/tech changes that shall go a long way in ensuring Customer Success.

@rajeshthiagarajan for helping me think better when it came to product dependencies for Customer Success.

Rajesh Thiagarajan

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One of the best responses to a customer problem I have seen in recent times. Proud to be a collegue @dylan - Hope to learn a few good ways of communicating the empathy we have for our customers during my interactions with them.

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