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Kudos to @kundankumar for organizing a highly riveting TT tournament.

And congrats to the winners - @nagarjun @roopendratalekar @gauravkumar @girish and @raghu.

Runners up - @sanjukta @anantpal @akhil @hanu and @gauthamseshadri. Better luck next time!

The TT fever has just begun. 🙂

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If you had the power to change any one thing at Recruiterbox, what would it be?

I never felt that there is a need to change anything at Recruiterbox. But still if I had the super power , I would try to hold its work culture and never let that go.

Sanjukta Hazarika

How QAs “Behave” in Recruiterbox?

At Recruiterbox, Quality Assurance is not just about finding bugs or‘breaking the system'. It is lot more.

The role of a QA engineer is multi-dimensional here.

Analysing the system from different perspectives of a user -

  • Do I like it?
  • Is it exhaustively meeting my requirements?
  • Is it serving my purpose?
  • Is the product missing out anything that I am seeking desperately?
  • Can I suggest any scope of improvement?

These are some of the thought provoking aspects that are inculcated into us from the very first day.

At the end of the day, our motto as a QA engineer is to ensure the delivery of a quality product. And the term ‘quality’ here is representative of a plethora of attributes.

So now the question is - can this be achieved if I all I do is stay updated with all latest the automation tools in the market?

Well, the answer is a big NO.

The primary trait that a QA engineer in Recruiterbox is expected to posses is to think BIG and DIFFERENT. Quality Assurance will automatically fall into place if you are clear with your thought process.

QAs here adhere strictly to BDD. BDD or Behavior-driven development is an agile software development technique that encourages collaboration between developers, QA and non-technical or business participants in a software project.

Our test suites are written in behave (tests written in a natural language style, backed up by Python code.)

A quick demo of how to write an automation test using behave

I am demonstrating this with the help of my first test (We call it feature in behave) in Behave

Feature: User should be able to do any basic search in google

— First identify the problem statement (What is the intent of my test?)

Here for instance, a user should be able to do any basic search in google

— Are there any pre-conditions? (behave has simple way of calling them ‘Given’ statements)

Given the user has google search engine installed

— Be very specific around your goal (Don’t get lost in the sea of scenarios that might crop up) Here it would mean narrowing down our search to something very specific, say, search ‘Applicant Tracking System’

When user enters text ‘Applicant Tracking System’ in google search

— List down ways of achieving it. Be very precise.

Connect behave with Selenium layer.

— Assertion, the last (Then) step which is basically an indication of a test success/failure

Then google should be able to retrieve the required information

Yes, the tests in Behave look much cleaner and precise compared to that written in excel sheets.

Sanjukta Hazarika

2 months so far..

“So you are joining a start up????? You won’t have any life man!!… You will be glued to your laptop 24*7..You can’t survive in a startup..Why do you want to get out of your comfort zone?” These were some of the feedbacks that I had received from friends and well-wishers when I shared my decision of joining Recruiterbox, with them.

Well, to begin with it, I have completed almost 2 months with Rbox. And at this juncture, it would not be wise on my part if I do not share my experience so far. To have come from an enterprise, undoubtedly, I had faced a little bit of culture shock initially, but believe me, it took hardly very few days to get accustomed to it. Thanks to the awesome people around who make life at Rbox so less sophisticated. 2 months so far here has been the most rigorous and intensive learning phase of my life. And I am loving every bit of it. It is like every day is a learning day and it is not just about the work. Apart from the regular work, we get to be a part of different cool and fun learning sessions organised in-house. These learning sessions can vary from basic financial tips or behavioural ethics to technical updates or any knowledge related discussions. And Rbox has this uber cool thing of encouraging people to actively participate in these sessions, by giving them amazing gifts. Who would want to miss the opportunity of grabbing the gifts? Our team at Rbox comprises some of the brilliant techies who have the thrust to learn more and who without fail are always there to prevent you from falling into a “Rabbit Hole”. No one here is stubborn to unlearn his or her learning to learn new stuff.

Where do I stand today after 2 months? I could just go on and on in order to answer this. To be honest, before joining Rbox, I had no knowledge of writing tests in BDD. I could hardly write automation code in Selenium. I had no clue what Git is. Frankly speaking, on the very first day at office, I was quite agitated because there was a hell lot of techie jargons thrown around that I was unfamiliar with; and I was quite skeptical if I would be able to pick up pace with all of it. And here I am, after 2 months writing tests in Behave and creating and merging branches in Git and contributing to the team. Thanks to the QAs and the developers who were always there to answer my monotonous questions at any point of time I approached them.

My day at Rbox—Typically my day starts at 10 in the morning with the stand ups, followed by checking mails and updating myself with the work plan for the day and then start working on the deliverables. Not to forget, in between our work, our tummy gets hacked a lot of times. Our tummy concerns are being taken care of by our brilliant chef and he feeds us with mouth-watering delicacies throughout the day. Amidst our work, pulling each other’s legs, cracking jokes and playing pranks are some of the undetachable components that all of us enjoy the most. Until 6 in the evening I try wrapping my work up because it is Badminton time. Being an avid sportsperson, I really look forward to this time of the day. At Rbox, we have some of the best Badminton players. One of our co-founders is one heck of a player. All of us here are more of friends than colleagues. I never thought I would ever say this “ Yes, I love spending time in office”.

Cheers to the Rbox family!!

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