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What do you do at Recruiterbox?
How long have you been working at Recruiterbox?
Imagine if someone is wanting to join Recruiterbox, what would be your elevator pitch to them?
What tools do you use on a daily basis to get your work done?
Lets talk something outside of work! What do you do for fun? What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
What is the favourite book you ever read / favourite vacation spot / favourite movie / favourite sport? (Any other favourites will also do)
Sushant Gupta

Talentology 2nd course (Customer Support Roles) live.
Kudos to Mat for the awesome design as always 💯
Chelsea and Dave for contributing to the course content 🚀
Suresh sir for coordinating and following up on everyone 🙂

Mat gave a kudos to Sushant

@sushantgupta for coding the blog page exactly as designed.
Will take some time to get all the older posts configured in the new style but he did a great job done getting the new template ready.

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Is there anyone at the company you wish you could apprentice under for a few weeks?

I would like to apprentice under Raghu - Engineering mindset + simple communication.
Also under Girish - Receptive mindset, open to new ideas.

Raghuveer Kancherla

Great job @sushantgupta. The planning and execution of the project (Page speed score improvement) was done very well. You knocked of the easy ones first, planned the difficult things well, coordinated with everyone you required help from …. all of this while working on other things. dino_kudos ! I’ll buy you an ice cream one of these days - remind me.

Sushant Gupta

New screenshots live on homepage! SVGs.
Pagespeed score for homepage desktop bumped upto 90+. Thanks to @roopendratalekar!

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