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What kinds of professional development or training opportunities interest you most?

Courses or In person training on sales, persuasion or business development would be enticing.

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What creates a sense of making progress for you at work ?

daily placing demos on the AEs' calendar. The more, the merrier. Seeing that number increase across the SDR team

Travis Townsend

Christmas came a bit early 😀

I'm grateful to be working with a team that thinks of its team members during the holidays. Just received this yesterday. Can't wait to drive in.

Travis Townsend

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.20.15 PM.png

you know its genuine when it keeps coming in right?

Travis Townsend

That smile you have when you get an unexpected gift for your birthday from the company you work for #grateful thanks RB!

Travis Townsend

For a SDR, our day revolves around three main peak hours - mornings, middays and at the end of the day. I can see how this makes a lot of sense. A potential client starts and end their day thinking, "There must be a better way to get away from all these spreadsheets, folders and Google Docs", "There has to be!"

I'll slip this in here too... midday gets busy as well because they are taking their noon break to figure of if they can find a solution then as well.

They do an online search for recruiting software and come across us.

So back to my day. I start off my day by calling and emailing the new demo requests that came in through the night and early morning. I do this for all the demo requests that come at those peak times. After getting through those new requests, I then move to reconnecting with leads from previous days who were too busy to my initial email I sent the day before up to a week prior. I do this throughout the day

In the afternoon, I take on the responsibility of calling and answering questions from our clients who are signing up for the free trial. I provide insight, answer questions and direct new clients to our complementary demo during that time.

Throughout the day, I interact with the AEs and other SDRs to think through new strategies and approaches we can use to truly impact the growth of the company.

Travis Townsend

Recently I started reading the book "Predictable Revenue" and have learnt a lot about the sales development process we are currently employing in our business.

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