Uttam gave a kudos to Vedarth

Kudos to @vedarth for keeping his cool while getting the infrastructure stable. This meant working late nights, getting woken up at odd times to respond to Pagerduty calls and building monitoring for our systems all at the same time.

Vinod gave a kudos to Anant, Anenth, Bhargav, Gaurav, Kundan and others

@anantpal @uttamkini @anenth @akhil @gauravkumar @vasu @viky @kundankumar @bhargavvoleti @vedarth Pulling off a high quality major redesign release with ease.

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Is there something we should measure in the company that we currently do not?

I think we already measure quite a lot of things. It would be great if put up some kind of dashboard which displays growth of the company which is displayed on a large screen in the office, this will encourage all of us.

Vedarth Kulkarni

we have reduced recruiterbox package time by 8 mins, which means code to production time is reduced by 8 mins 🚀 10 more minutes to be reduced so that code gets deployed to production within 30 mins

Chelsea Stroh

Kudos to @annette @dylan and @anantpal @vedarth and @bhargavvoleti for rocking a rough downtime today. You are all awesome!!!!!!!! dino_kudos

Anant Pal

Kudos to @vedarth for planning and executing opening (one of the critical entity in the system) data model changes. dino_kudos

Raghuveer gave a kudos to Anant, Uttam and Vedarth

After several months of effort (and years of talking about this), we upgraded to Django 1.10. This is a big step in maintaining our infrastructure in good shape. Good job @uttamkini @vedarth @anantpal and others.

Vedarth Kulkarni

My contribution to actual open source library (https://github.com/celery/django-celery/pull/502) :yay:

Vedarth Kulkarni

First all hands from new office

Vedarth Kulkarni

Reacruiterbox is officially listed in Slack’s app directory https://slack.com/apps/A0V4UV606-recruiterbox

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